Monday, August 22, 2011

Homeless Rabbits Make Surburban Yards Home

The reported feral rabbits in San Gabriel Valley, CA are making their home in yards and streets of a suburban neighborhood. The rabbits are former pets that have been cruelly abandoned. The local independent rabbit rescue is at capacity like many others right now.  According to the article they are contacting larger rescue groups for help. For rabbit rescuers short of space and resources this is a sad and frustrating situation. Concerned neighbors hesitate to contact "animal control because the county animal shelter will euthanize the furry creatures within three days." The population of rabbits is already facing some deadly obstacles like cars, coyotes and possibly being attacked "by neighbors who are tired of them eating their flowers."  However, as many other communities have found out, a breeding pair can multiple into hundreds of bunnies within a year. The population explosion can happen fast and then what? See full article with slide show at this Link.  (Photo: two homeless bunnies munching a free lunch from a kind neighbor. SGVN/Staff photo by Watchara Phomicinda.)