Friday, July 1, 2011

Rabbit, Rabbit - A British Tradition

"Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit," - it's a British superstition. The idea is that upon waking on the first day a new month, you will receive good luck for the remainder of the month. They have to be the first words you utter in the morning. The tradition is also somewhat common in some parts of Massachusetts and Vermont.  There are also plenty of variations on it, like saying "white rabbit" when you wake up and "black rabbit" before you go to bed. I feel lucky enough living with my rabbits and muttering "coffee" first thing in the morning so I'll probably skip it.  However, I did take an opportunity first thing today to visit Rabbit Rehome online in the UK.  I found this photo of six year old Honey who is available for adoption in Essex. According to her description, this sweet lop rabbit was left behind when her human split with her boyfriend and he did not know how to care for her. Honey is looking for a loving home with an older male rabbit.  Let's hope Honey is lucky herself and finds her forever home soon.