Monday, July 18, 2011

More Reasons to Bring Bunnies Inside

About three days ago I began receiving emails from people impacted by the record setting heat wave wondering how to help their heat sensitive rabbits housed outdoors. The first thing I suggest is to bring the bunnies indoors where the rest of the family is enjoying air conditioning and ceiling fans. I also offer more suggestions (if this isn’t possible) and explain the signs of heat stress. Overall, it was a bad week for rabbits housed outside. There was a news story about a woman in Rigby, Idaho who lost 9 rabbits to a mountain lion. From the video on the local news channel it shows the wire cages were stacked against the side of an outbuilding and not predator proof. One comment said, the “rabbits were nothing more than bait.”  The  the breeder had stacked the wire cages three high just a few inches off the ground. Then further south in San Diego a rabbit breeder was surprised when a big evergreen tree fell on her property and smashed cages trapping rabbits under the tree. Fortunately, those rabbits survived. I did hear back from a woman who wasn’t sure how to help her bunnies stay cool in the hot weather in Texas this week. She had kept rabbits in hutches since she was a child in her native England. She brought her rabbits inside for relief from the hot weather and set them up in an air-conditioned family room. The good news is they are now permanent house rabbits and she’s calling her home “Bunningham Palace.”