Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Homeless Man who Rescued His Rabbit Offered Job

The courageous homeless man in Ireland, John Bryne, who hopped off a bridge to save his pet bunny, Barney, is a local hero for his compassion toward animals. Over 200 people watched as John saved his pet from a watery death. He told the newspaper he would do it again. The other good news out of this story is that John has been offered a full-time job caring for animals. He is grateful for the opportunity. According to the the Herald newspaper, "I got some cheers when I rescued Barney and loads of people have been coming up to meet me and my pets. These animals mean everything to me." (John, his rabbit, Barney and dog, Lilly with an admirer are pictured above - photo credit: Kyran O'Brien

The man who threw the rabbit off the bridge has been arrested for animal cruelty.