Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gosling Imprints on Rabbits

Several media outlets picked up the story from British Columbia about Andre, a Canadian Goose who needed to taught he was a goose. His interspecies confusion began when he was rescued as a young gosling and spent his time in the company of some domesticated rabbits.  He had been taken to the World Parrot Refuge where they realized he would not be accepted by colorful residents.  He went to live at a rabbit sanctuary where he ate and slept with rabbits. Although, he did have some pool time and then plenty of rehabilitation with other geese. "He's definitely goose-like now," according to the Wild ARC manager. There have been several stories about rabbits and other animals bonding this week. In this case, the rabbits already had plenty of bunny company, but allowed the goose to be part of their "herd." (Photo credit: Andre as a gosling - Susan Vickery)