Friday, July 29, 2011

Cute, Fluffy Missouri Flood Survivors Ready for New Homes

When acres and acres of farmland in southeastern Missouri was flooded in May, 26 rabbits almost became victims, but they were saved from a levee that was about to break. The Riverfront Times article interviewed volunteers from the House Rabbit Society for the article about the rabbits (and many other animals) saved from the devastation.  The bunnies are now ready (spayed and neutered, too) and up for adoption.  They are at the Humane Society of Missouri, 1201 E. Macklind, this Sunday.  Contact the House Rabbit Society of Missouri, St. Louis Chapter for more info and see a video of some of the bunnies at this Link. Photo Credit: Adorable survivors Pringle, Pretzel and Poptart:  Ready for Good Homes.)