Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Canmore's Feral Rabbit Issue Multiplied Over Past 4 Years

Back in 2007 I was wrote a blog entry about the feral domesticated rabbit issue in Canmore (Canada):

March 2007 - Update on Canmore Rabbits - The question of what should be done with the Town of Canmore's feral rabbits was being asked of the community through a survey with a deadline of March 31st. According to the Rocky Mountain Outlook, media across North America seem far more interested in the problem than the town’s folk. The town representative said, “We’re not getting a bevy of surveys, we don’t even have a dozen.” There are a reported 1,000 rabbits in a town of 11,500 people. The rabbits are descendants of pet rabbits abandoned in the 1980’s.Since then, the rabbits have multiplied to approximately 2,000 over four and a half years later.

Now the Mayor of Canmore says: "This is a question of practicality. It is always very easy to come up with schemes and ideas for solving an issue for which you have no accountability. If the individuals who are speaking and writing are strongly in favour of spaying and neutering and sending to a facility rabbits from Canmore, they should step up to the responsibility of paying for this solution."

What? Over the last four years with no plan in place, the City of Canmore has effectively allowed the feral rabbit problem to grow. It is certainly going to be twice as expensive to "solve" the issue in 2011 than back in 2007 or earlier. The people with Save Canmore's Bunnies did not abandon the rabbits, or sell unaltered rabbits, or contribute to the multiplying problem and, in fact, they have spent countless hours trying to create a nonlethal solution. They do not have "accountability," but they have been working to save the rabbits anyway. It's ironic the City of Canmore didn't procrastinate at all when it came to diverting the responsibility for expenses to a few people with compassion for animals.