Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bunny Cart Business Hopping

Yesterday I received an email from Laurie Miller of Dogs to Go thanking me for the link to their family owned cart business because they have made over 200 carts for rabbits. 
She wrote, “I cannot tell you how many bunnies we have helped with wheels now because they saw our information on Hopperhome!” (Disabled Rabbits). She went on to say both she and her husband, Larry, (chief designer) never imagined building a cart for a rabbit, but after their very first rabbit, Ethel, their bunny cart business “went crazy.”  So far they have made over 200 rabbit carts for bunnies all over the world especially in the UK.  I think this is great since carts can provide rabbits who have hind leg paralysis with a better quality of life and most likely more time to enjoy their lives. What I like about Dogs to Go is that the owners started the business because of their Dachshund dog, Penny, who needed a cart after a ruptured disc. No doubt they are animal lovers. They have kept their prices quite reasonable and rabbits adapt well to the unique design. (By the way, Hopperhome does not accept advertising and any recommendations are bunny approved.)