Monday, June 20, 2011

On the Wild Side: Jackrabbit Joins Golf Tour

Last week a jackrabbit decided to tag along with the Fort Morgan City Council on their tour of a local golf course. The reporter at the Fort Morgan Times called this a “rabbit,” but one look at those ears and there is no mistake this is a hare. “Jackrabbit” is a confusing name since hares are only cousins to rabbits like cottontails (or domesticated rabbits). They were give the name since their ears were similar to a male donkey's (also known as a "jackass"). Colorado is home to white-tailed jackrabbits, black-tailed jackrabbits (it's smaller cousin), and snowshoe hares. All jackrabbits (or hares) are built for speed. They can easily span 5 to 10 feet in one hop and upwards to 20 ft. when escaping a predator. Even at a moderate pace every fourth or fifth hop is considerably higher so they can see predators or just get a better look around. I’m sure the golf course looks like dinner in the evening for these grass grazing lagomorphs. (Photo credit: Fort Morgan Times)