Sunday, June 26, 2011

200 Bunnies in Ontario Rescued

Rabbit Rescue in Ontario, Canada is helping with a large rescue of 200 rabbits that included pregnant does. According to the Guelph Mercury online, Havina Porter of Rabbit Rescue has been as busy as the Energizer Bunny and already has foster homes lined up for about 50 of the 200 rabbits seized from a home in Manitoulin Island, Ontario. Across the province animal shelters are taking in the rabbits to assist the Sudbury branch of the Ontario Society for the Prevention against Cruelty to Animals. Rabbit Rescue will be accommodating most of the rabbits. Since the investigation is ongoing the circumstances surrounding the rescue raid in May are not being discussed yet. The rabbits have been examined by a veternarian, and they will be neutered and spayed. For information about this rescue, to make a donation or to apply to adopt a rabbit, visit Rabbit Rescue, or email These are adorable bunnies and more photos of the rabbits are at this Link. (Photo Credit: Rabbit Rescue)