Monday, May 2, 2011

On the Wild Side: Litter of European Rabbits

Pictured are eight small European rabbits from Durham Co. England who were accidentally dug out of their warren in the bucket of a back hoe. (The doe was unable to be located.) The young man operating the equipment saw something moving and then noticed the other 7 bunnies  trying to burrow their way out of the soil.  The load of earth was searched, and then the rabbits were taken to his home.  The baby bunnies (approximately 2 ½ weeks old) were cared for by the young man’s mother.  She first fed the rabbits goat's milk from a syringe before changing them to a diet of grass and dandelion leaves.  Although, they are naming the bunnies, both mother and son realize the rabbits are not meant to be pets. The rabbits will be released soon. (Photo: NorthNews)