Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lounging with Lagomorphs

Just when I thought I had everything rabbit in my home (including the real rabbits) I receive an email about this "Kissing Rabbits" deckchair from Anorak online in the UK.  Nice idea - take your rabbits out to the garden for some exercise and settle into this deckchair to supervise playtime.  It's a bit of bunny whimsy and not cheap if my currency calculations are correct.  See it for yourself at this Link. Whether you spring for the chair or not, remember your lounging lagomorphs need exercise so get those bunnies out for their daily hop indoors or out.  Always supervise your rabbits if they are outdoors. I learned that lesson early on when a large hawk dove for one of my bunnies and I threw myself over the little lop to save him. (It worked.)  Back to shopping - there are other items in this rabbit themed pattern on the Anorak website.