Friday, May 6, 2011

Lettuce Us All Speak Up for Rabbits - the House Rabbit Society Made It Easier

Check out the new The House Rabbit Society page "featuring companies and individuals that have done good, or bad things for rabbits. So far there are more "up carrots" than "down carrots" which is a good thing.  I agree with the HRS that sending the individuals, companies and groups a quick email or even snail mail " expressing your unhappiness for what they've done to harm rabbits" is a very good idea. The rabbits can't speak for themselves to stop their suffering. Fortunately, you can also write a note to the people listed who are doing a lot of good for rabbits.  They certainly deserve encouragement for their kindness and humane business decisions. Thanks to the HRS for this new page and you can find it at this Link. (I hope to see more of those "happy carrots like the one on the left!)