Monday, May 2, 2011

Jumpy Bunnies

The headline in the newspaper in the UK read “Hop to It! The Daring Rabbits Who Think They are Horses.”  Rabbits like Snoopy (pictured) are only being rabbits.  Rabbits are naturally built for jumping. They don’t have to think they are horses.  The sport was created by Swedes and based on equestrian events, the sport of rabbit- jumping, or kaninhop, has sprung up worldwide, from Europe to the US, Canada and Japan.  Rabbits can jump about 40 inches and up to almost 80 inches in the wild. My jumpiest rabbit, a Dutch house rabbit named Pansy, easily clears obstacles in the home of 36 inches.  However, Pansy only jumps for fun, not sport. (Photo: Action Press/Rex Features