Monday, May 30, 2011

Battery Cages Out in UK & What about the US?

It was a victory for animal welfare in the UK this past week when the farmer who submitted plans  to build six barns across the country housing up to 1,000 rabbits in each withdrew his application. Several animal welfare groups there including the RSPCA were very concerned about the return to intensive battery style rabbit farming. According to the Farmers Guardian news, the proposed farms "would have been the first rabbit factory farms in the UK in 15 years and would each have housed up to 1,100 rabbits in wire cages stacked three high inside windowless barns. This kind of unnatural environment – which provides no fresh air or sunlight – can cause extremely painful bone disorders and foot inflammation and lead stressed animals to resort to neurotic, self-destructive behaviour.”
While I was pleased for all the people in the UK who managed to stop the return of battery cages, I think it is important to look at what is happening in the United States.  The photo above is from a video of a facility outside New York City. Sometime ago I was sent a  video of a rabbit "farm" where rabbits are raised for New York City restaurants.  You can see the video at this Link.