Monday, May 30, 2011

28 Rabbits Rescued from Hoarding Case in Castroville, CA

In the photo Sgt. Stacy Sanders checks a rescued rabbit (a big beautiful lavender point Californian) at the SPCA for Monterey County. There were over 70 animals rescued last Thursday from a Castroville, CA hoarder including 28 rabbits. See the article at this Link. The article photo gallery shows the filthy conditions where the animals were kept without food or water.  Hoarding is a serious psychological condition. Unfortunately, without therapeutic intervention, hoarders have an almost 100% chance of reoffending. Information on animal hoarding from Tufts University at this Link. Photo credit: Conner Jay/The Salinas Californian
By the way, a big thank to the animal rescue people who go into these dreadful situations to take the animals out. It can be dangerous and certainly distressing to find animals in such horrible conditions.