Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wild Baby Rabbits Can be a Handful!

This little cottontail went exploring and accessed a ramp on a deck built for a pair of minature Dachshunds next door to photographer, Courtenay Vanderbilt. She feared the dogs might discover the bunny and she scooped him up. After consulting with her local nature center, they released the bunny in the bushes in another neighbor's yard (over a fence) where an adult rabbit had been spotted.
Every year about this time I start to receive a lot of email about "abandoned baby bunnies." Often baby rabbits (much younger than this little exploring rabbit) are removed from their nests because a concerned person believes they are abandoned. The doe is usually nearby and out of sight. A mother rabbit normally visits her nest only once or twice a night to nurse her litter. The baby bunnies do not have a scent and the doe stays just far enough away to try to keep from drawing predators. For advice on truly abandoned baby bunnies, there are wildlife rehabilitators in every state. See their directory at the link. Hopperhome's page on Wild Baby Rabbits (Photo credit Courtenay Vanderbilt)