Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rabbit Math Lesson in England

A couple in Cheltenham, England got a math lesson in rabbit reproduction in less than a year. They introduced their male rabbit, Snowy, to not just one, but two females, Jess and Sparkles. Apparently, Snowy was “looking lonely.” Well, Snowy wasn’t lonely for long, not after litters began appearing topping out at 60 rabbits after nine litters. Eventually, the RSPCA was called in and they took 46 of the rabbits. According to the RSPCA spokesperson, “They haven’t done anything wrong, the circumstances just ran away from them. All the rabbits are in good condition, they have looked after them well –they just needed more space.” I think the message should be to encourage neutering and spaying. Now the RSPCA must support and find homes for 46 rabbits. Snowy didn't need a crowd - just a couple of altered bunny friends. Photo credit: RSPCA