Saturday, April 2, 2011

Photographer Amber McKee Captures Rabbit Personality

I came across an article a couple of weeks ago in Marin Magazine with an early article discouraging the impulse buying of Easter Bunnies. They interviewed Marcy Schaaf of of Mill Valley, CA. Nice! You can read the article here. A gorgeous photo by Amber McKee accompanied the article and so I had to find out about her photography. I found some wonderful photos of rescue rabbits on her blog and you can visit it here. Amber does beautiful wedding photography, but she also does great work with the rabbits since their personalities really shine. On her blog Amber says she has been been photographing bunnies for Save A Bunny for just over a year. I have no doubt these photos help in the efforts to find the rabbits good homes. A sample of her rabbit photography on the right. Be sure to visit the link above for more photos.