Friday, April 29, 2011

On the Wild Side: Hare has Brush with Bureaucracy

A couple of days ago a wild hare was discovered stranded on a railway trestle near Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Local residents reported it to authorities. The SPCA only rescues domesticated animals so the concerned citizens were told to contact the Wildlife Society.  The Wildlife Society referred the callers to railway employees because the hare was stuck on their track. More calls were made and when no one showed up someone called 311 (the Canadian 911). The call was passed to the fire department. The fire department said they weren’t responsible since the city considers hares pests. By evening the fire crew did arrive, but weren’t able to trap the animal so they went home. In the end one of the local residents set up a trap. The rabbit didn’t take the trap and a net was tried again. This time it worked. After two days the ordeal was over for the hare. It is now safe and recovering despite no one having jurisdiction over its rescue. (Photo: CTV - hare on the trestle)