Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wyoming Gets Tougher on Animal Cruelty

Out west in Wyoming animal cruelty laws just got tougher. Putting a household pet in chronic or repeated serious physical harm is now a crime there. According to Wyoming News the governor recently signed a bill that adds "household pet animal cruelty" to state law. The bill defines a household pet as a privately owned dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, mouse, gerbil, ferret, bird, fish, reptile, amphibian, invertebrate or any other species of domesticated animal kept as a pet. The bill also will help county law enforcement agencies pay for the costs of animal cruelty cases. Pictured above is “Coyote” an adoptable English Spot rabbit from Hawk Springs, WY with Pet Pals. He was going to be coyote food. He was given away for free and then given away again in exchange for a bale of hay. Wow, this bunny is lucky to be alive.