Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rabbit Meadows in Washington State Building New Shelter

It all started with one rabbit. It always does and that one rabbit for Sandi Ackerman at Rabbit Meadows in Redmond, WA was Duster. Now, Sandi is looking forward to moving from an adoption center in a trailer to a newly built shelter of 2,500 sq. ft. later this year. The building will feature a reception area, spacious adoption area, an education room, boarding room and a quarantine area for animals that are waiting to be spayed or neutered.
Sandi is 67 years old and not about to retire - she says "the shelter is my bucket list." I like her attitude - an inspiration to us all! The new shelter has been long awaited since the first feral shelter opened in 1996. I remembered hearing about these rabbits from friends. There were 650 rabbits living in a Redmond, WA business park (not far from Microsoft's campus) that was about to be bulldozed. But with Sandi's and several others hardwork wrangling rabbits, the rabbits were resettled at Rabbit Meadows. Congratulations to Sandi and all the dedicated volunteers who helped make their new shelter a reality! (Pictured Sandi and one of the Rabbit Meadow's resident rabbits.)