Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Break Out the Champagne!

Yesterday I received an email from Susan in Texas who said she was given a baby bunny by woman who said she couldn’t take care of it. The woman tried to sell her the bunny since it was “rare.” Then she left without a word leaving the little bunny at Susan’s feet in a box in a grocery store parking lot. The bunny was almost black in color and has been gradually changing to a light silver color for a few weeks. I told her the rabbit is most likely a Champagne D’ Argent breed from what she described. They are uncommon in the United States. This breed of rabbit is from France going back at least 400 years. Its fur is a blend of white and black hairs with a blue undercoat and it can take about six months to completely grow out or “finish silvering.” I met one of these rabbits several years ago and it was large at about 11 lbs. with a gentle disposition. They make wonderful house rabbits as long as they have enough living space to accommodate their size. Susan said she didn’t really care about the breed type and she emailed me “out of curiosity.” As she wrote, “I love my new rabbit. She could turn purple and I would still love her.” Pictured above “Dixie,” a Champagne D’ Argent rabbit listed as available for adoption in Indianapolis, IN on from IndyCLAW Rescue of Indianapolis Email: