Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big Cat Rescue has Alternatives

Big Cat Rescue (BCR) needs to find another way to condition bobcats for release into the wild rather than using live domesticated rabbits and other small animals. They had posted a video of two domesticated rabbits as live prey for the cats on youtube.com. Since last week, several rabbit advocates have started a petition and a cause page with over 800 members so far. Unfortunately, a photo had been posted on the BCR website showing three women holding a dead, bloodstained Dutch breed rabbit and two other white domesticated rabbits. The women were smiling. Please be aware this photo is very disturbing especially if you love rabbits. Links to the photo now posted on other websites can be found here. An entry has been posted on FaceBook apparently from the BCR stating, “. . . we sometimes forget how certain images can appear to members of the public. In retrospect we should not have taken this photograph, we apologize.” Despite the valid outrage over the photo, the point is finding a viable alternative to live feedings. Some in the rabbit rescue community have been researching “drag training” (no live prey) or other methods used successfully by wildlife rehabilitators elsewhere.