Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bad Week for Bunnies

I was behind on the rabbit news since I was down with a cold. When I felt better I found out it was a bad week for bunnies. It started with children at a school in Northern Germany who were learning about Stone Age hunting methods in class. They ended up in tears and one fainted when their teacher killed two rabbits in front of them with a hammer. The bunnies were from the school's petting zoo. The story only gets worse and I think I will skip the rest. It was reported the parents were outraged.
Then there was the hoarding case in Marlboro, New York investigated last week ending in an arrest. A woman had 64 rabbits "living in deplorable conditions with no sustenance, said SPCA Executive Director Brian Shapiro." The emaciated rabbits were brought to the local SPCA where they are receiving care and medical attention in Ulster County.
But there was a happy ending for a group of abandoned rabbits in the suburbs of Philadephia (Cinnaminson) when a kind woman rescued several abandoned bunnies last weekend after they were left in a storm drain near a cemetery. Hawks were circling so the rescue came in time. The Animal Welfare Association is a no-kill shelter and has taken over care of the rabbits to ready them for adoption. See video of bunnies below: