Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue Needs Help

The wonderful people over at the Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue in the San Gabriel area of southern California need help. They must vacate their space at their local humane society by May 31st. (After that date, the shelter will continue to accept rabbits surrendered to the shelter or picked up as strays. However, they will no longer house rabbits on their property. Zooh Corner has a verbal confirmation that rabbits will have a maximum three-day holding period before being euthanized.) Yikes! May 31st would seem like it is a few months away, but when there are rabbits to place in foster care and all kinds of details to get in place for the future - time is short. See their flyer about their situation. Of course, they are Not closing. I have been following this rabbit rescue's efforts since 2003 and they are a dedicated to helping rabbits. Pictured is Harpo just one of the beautfiul rabbits available for adoption from Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue.