Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rohnert Park Shelter Jumping with 20 New Rabbits

The Rohnert Park Patch online reports that last Saturday, a couple relinquished 20 “stray” rabbits they said they had just found. I don't blame the author for being skeptical. The bunnies were in good shape and I agreed with the writer about how hard it is to catch outdoor rabbits. Rounding up one outdoor rabbit is a challenge let alone twenty of them. There were 12 baby bunnies in the group from "at least two separate litters" and they are all "tame and really quite nice." Okay, that convinced me - someone didn't neuter or spay their rabbits and got in over their head. However, the good news is wherever those rabbits came from, at least they were not abandoned outdoors to the predators and elements.
Over the years I have received many emails stating: "I didn't know you could fix rabbits," or "the pet store told me they were two males" (I hear this very often), or "they just got out once together," or "I thought one litter was cute and she had another one a month later." I have a flyer I created on Hopperhome for anyone who wants to download it and pass it out freely: Raging Haremones No need for permission from me. With all the efforts made by many humane groups and rabbit rescue organizations there is still a lot of education to be done. By the way, if you live in the Rohnert Park area of California, they have some very cute bunnies for adoption. Go to this link. Their monthly "Bunny Day" is this Saturday, Feb. 12th. They are offering a one day only special – a free bunny starter kit (litter box, water bottle, carpet square, bag of food, and more), valued at $40, with each adoption. (Photo: Rohnert Park Patch)