Thursday, February 10, 2011

Painting Beautiful Grumpy Bunnies

Portland, Oregon artist Lorraine Bushek first captured my attention with her wonderful paintings of "Bunnies on Chairs." These paintings featured rabbits on chairs because Lorraine beleves rabbits belong inside a home with their human companions. She is a volunteer with Rabbit Advocates and she donates a portion of her sales from the rabbit paintings to the organization. The painting below is from her series called, "Grumpy Bunnies." This painting is shown on her blog at Lorraine Bushek Studio. The English Lop was rescued by hikers in Oregon's Columbia Gorge. It is a heavily forested area. Fortunately the rabbit, "Hugodarling" survived long enough to be rescued. He found a forever home, too. Such a handsome bunny! See more of Lorraine's rabbit paintings on Flickr, too.