Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the Wild Side: Irish Hares - Ban Upheld on Hare Coursing

Good News for the threatened population of Irish Hares in Ireland. The Northern Ireland Assembly upheld a decision to ban hare coursing yesterday. There had been an effort to block the hare coursing ban currently in place and bring back the licensing system for hare coursing clubs. The amendment on licensed hare coursing was soundly defeated by 53 to 33 votes. According to news outlets, "the ban on hare coursing enjoys cross-community support, with polls showing that 75% of people in Northern Ireland are in favour of a ban." Good to see this blood sport won't be brought back. (See League Against Cruel Sports)
In celebration of the hares, I have included a video from Youtube, "My Hare." It was taped in Ireland in a backyard. Lucky Irishman! For more information on these amazing hares go to this link.