Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to Relax Your Rabbit

In Youngstown, OH there should be a lot of calm rabbits since Sassy Packard of the Frisky Ferrets, Fuzzies and Feathered Friends Rescue demonstrated bunny massage recently at a local Petco store. The group demonstrated rabbit massage as a way to relax and bond with companion rabbits as part of National Adopt a Rabbit Month. See the entire article in The Vindicator Newspaper online. The photo on the right shows 8 year old Brighid learning how to give her rabbit a massage. (Andy the rabbit looks like he is almost as big as his masseuse.)
When my mini- lop rabbit, Bumble, became disabled, he enjoyed his daily bunny massage and purred his approval. See a comprehensive article explaining basic massage for rabbits, The Blissful Bunny, by Jodi McLaughlin, A.M.P. at Cats and Rabbits and More. Plus, Chandra Beal has wrote a book, The Relaxed Rabbit: Massage for Your Pet Bunny and a created a DVD, The Relaxed Rabbit: Massage Techniques for Your Companion Rabbit. Visit Chandra's website here. Photo credit: Rami Daud