Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hopping Mad About Donna Karan

The media has been reporting that PETA will make a lot of noise at the Donna Karan offices with the sound of screaming rabbits during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. They have a permit to broadcast the sound of terrified rabbits and protest the fashion designer's use of fur.
Then got into the fray with a contributor's blog post, "Screaming Rabbits are Not the Answer" suggesting PETA go to the source, i.e., the fur farms in China. First of all, a protest in front of a fur slaughterhouse in the middle of no where in a country as large as China would have absolutely no impact on the issue because it would receive zero attention. Targeting celebrities and fashion designers who use fur is a smart publicity campaign. After all even a writer has blogged about it now.
PETA is very active in Asia. In fact, recently PETA's “bunnies” were willing to freeze their little tails off and protest in their underwear in Hong Kong. PETA has also performed an undercover investigation of a rabbit fur farm in China, the world’s largest fur exporter exposing the conditions of rabbits and their horrific treatment.
I am not a member of PETA, but I do admire their campaigns. They don't seem so audacious when compared to the brutality of places like fur farms and slaughterhouses. I wrote back to the writer at with my perspective. My closing thought to her was: "If you have never heard a rabbit scream, then you are lucky. There are so many people working to stop the abuse of rabbits because they can't speak for themselves. Perhaps this once, the sounds of their pain within earshot of Donna Karan who exploits their suffering, a rabbit screaming will speak a thousand words." (Photo credit: PETA website)