Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chocolate Rabbits Still a Bargain

The price of a chocolate Easter Bunny this year may jump. The world sugar prices are at a 30 year high and cocoa prices have doubled (12% in January alone). Chocolate bunnies for Easter could jump in price by 20% according to some recent newspaper articles. Adverse weather, political turbulence in cocoa bean producing regions and a high demand for sugar has driven up the prices.
However, according to the ASPCA the cost of a live rabbit including the cost the bunny itself, a pen or cage, litter, litter box, neuter or spaying, water crock, hay, fresh vegetables, grooming supplies and toys can easily add up to over $500 just to start. Some websites put the cost at keeping a rabbit at $700 a year. It adds up fast. At that rate those chocolate rabbits still look pretty sweet in comparison.