Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ventura Bunny Brigade

Thanks to the Ventura County Star newspaper who featured the "Bunny Brigade" volunteer program at the Ventura County Animal Services shelter in Camarillo, CA. We need a whole army of volunteers like the two women who started the program in Ventura - Kim Jones and Kimbery Jacinto. Their numbers are impressive in just their first year.
According to the article, "in 2008, 94 of the 208 rabbits at the shelter were adopted, and 97 were euthanized. In 2009, after the Brigade arrived, 181 of the shelter’s 214 were adopted and 13 were euthanized, most of them with medical problems." Plus, the rabbits have a better quality of life because they are receiving personalized care and enrichment such as toys and exercise time out of their cages. County shelters are not the "dog pound" anymore with all types of animals being housed at facilities all over the country. These types of volunteer programs can really make a difference! (Photo: Volunteer Dorothy Frick of Newbury Park holds a rabbit in the bunny and puppy room at the shelter facility at Camarillo Airport.) See full article here.