Thursday, January 20, 2011

University of Victoria Rabbits’ Disappearing Act reported that the last 50 remaining rabbits on the University of Victoria campus will be removed and relocated to sanctuaries before the breeding season begins and removal permits expire. The initial plan called for all, but 200 out of almost 1000 rabbits to be removed. However, predators and lack of breeding have decreased the rabbits’ numbers dramatically. (See Hopperhome's free download: "A Dozen Wild Reasons") According to the article “As of March 1st, any rabbits caught on campus will be removed and euthanized.” The campus will be rabbit free. Officials are aware they need to let people know “it’s not OK to drop your unwanted pets off at UVic anymore." There will be no question as to the fate of pet rabbits if abandoned there. Also, the municipality is considering bylaw amendments “that could prevent sales of unsterilized rabbits in pet stores.” See the full article here. (Photo credit: Don Denton/News staff,