Thursday, January 13, 2011

Katie Holmes' "Hare"raising Experience

One of the online gossip websites published a photo of Katie Holmes who abruptly learned some rabbits don't want to be picked up. A petting zoo was on the set for filming Katie's new movie, "Jack and Jill." The actress took a few moments to meet the animals with her daughter Suri. But this little white rabbit was having none of it. Rabbits are expert escape artists and it can happen in a flash. I have one at home who always squirms and fights if I pick him up. However, when a rabbit starts struggling that's when the human needs to fight the impulse to let go. Granted, that is easier said than done especially for a novice rabbit handler.
A rabbit's backbone is very fragile and bad landing can result in serious damage to the spine if the bunny is dropped. Their skeleton comprises only 8% of total body weight whereas a domestic cat’s skeleton is 13% of its body weight. Fortunately, this bunny landed with no harm done. Photo: gossiponthis