Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gambling on a Big Bunny

The Year of the Rabbit doesn't officially start for a couple more weeks and Las Vegas is getting in on the action. The LA Times reported on the installation of a giant 16 ft. rabbit that weighs a 1,000 lbs. and is showcased in the Palazzo's atrium. It took four months to build and has movable parts such as the tail, paws and glass eyes. Several online sources say the 2011 rabbit year in the Chinese zodiac will be a year "of increased luck and pleasant outcomes." I am sure the casinos are betting on it. (Photo Credit: Paul Stocum Cashman Productions)

However, as impressive as the big acrylic furred bunny will be in the Palazzo's lobby, my preference is a rabbit more like "Mae West." She is a 3 year old English Spot and lop mix featured on Petfinder from the NV SPCA. There is a both a House Rabbit Society in Las Vegas and Nevada SPCA. Over 70 rabbits are available for adoption in "Tinsel Town." It would be a "pleasant outcome" if Miss Mae West were to be adopted (plus all the other beautiful rabbits waiting for a homes in Southern Nevada). (Photo from NV SPCA, Petfinder website)