Thursday, January 6, 2011

Florence Henderson as the Bunny Lady

Early in 2010 I heard an independent movie had started filming called “The Bunny Lady” starring Florence Henderson of The Brady Bunch fame. Most of the movie was shot in West Michigan. The plot according to news media said Henderson would play a “crotchety old farm woman” who runs a rabbit rescue. “She befriends and mentors a girl, fostered by a neighboring family, after the youngster finds a lost bunny.” The movie was renamed “The Christmas Bunny” several months later. There were screenings recently in late December in West Michigan at a couple of small venues.
A local educational farm,The Critter Barn, provided, Rumble, a mini-lop rabbit as the lead animal actor and his back-up bunny, Hopscotch. The star began to "quickly began to show off his star qualities." The Director (and writer/producer) Tom Seidman said, “The bunny has been great.” We shot some stuff with the bunny and the bunny did some things that nobody expected him to that were absolutely amazing. He started pushing some blocks around with his nose and we got it (on film)." (If the filmmaker thought that was amazing, I've got some rabbits at home with Oscar potential.)
A date when the movie will be distributed to a wider audience hasn't been announced yet as far as I know. However, I for one would like to see how “crotchety old” women in rabbit rescue are depicted. One article said Henderson was coached on how to handle a rabbit by the Critter Barn people. Also, from the photos I could find, Ms. Henderson left her “Dancing with the Stars” gowns behind and dressed appropriately in the film for cleaning up after multiple rabbits - work clothing. More on the film when I find out.