Monday, January 17, 2011

Buying for Bunnies Online

Leith Petwerks sends out a their newsletter periodically and today it reminded me to jump online to look for unique products for rabbits. (BTW, I don’t accept advertising on Hopperhome so I really like all this stuff.)
Case in point, the folks at Leith Petwerks have rabbits themselves and I have purchased several of their terrific Bunny Abode Condos to house rescued rabbits. Now they have the best hay rack I have ever seen offered anywhere in two sizes. Only rabbit owners would think of something like this. Skip those flimsy hayracks from pet stores.
Next is a treat that some rabbits love, 100% Organic Calendula Flowers (dried) to sprinkle over salad or pellets from Bunny Bytes. And if your rabbit isn’t a calendula fan, there are more treats to choose from at their online store.
I highly recommend keeping a GI Stasis Kit since it can be a lifesaver. I know since I put together my own box of these items over the years as emergencies came up. Now you can get a kit with this combination of products from Bunny Bunch Boutique and believe me they are good to have on hand.
Grocery store bags with the promise to keep your salad greens fresh are expensive plus most don’t last. However, the folks over at Bunny Luv found a film that allows gases to escape so food stays fresh longer. Busy Bunny custom makes them and they can be reused many times. Great idea!
Some rabbits won’t go into a circular tunnel and so a nice triangular cardboard tunnel from Busy Bunny might make the rabbit feel less intimidated. The Ton O’ Fun Bun Run has rabbit and carrot drawings on the side, too.
I have purchased a couple of the Cottontail Cottages from Cats & Rabbits & More and my rabbits can certainly attest to the fun one of these cardboard cottages offers. I like the great cutouts and graphics printed on the sides.
There a lot of bunny approved products online and online store offering products for your rabbits are multiplying, well, like rabbits. It is all good because these products can improve your rabbit’s quality of life. It is worth hopping by these online stores! (Photo: my Miss Pansy playing under the kitchen table.)