Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bouncing Bunnies are Good Sports

Update: A Swedish bunny jumped to victory at the first rabbit Grand National were dashed as a Swedish bunny jumped to victory. The winning rabbit was Cheri from Sweden and the highest-placed British entrant was Phoenix from Surrey.

British rabbits competed with rabbits from Sweden over the weekend at the UK's first Rabbit Grand National held in Harrogate. No winners announced yet online. But all of these rabbits are winners. Afterall, some of the bunnies had to jet all the way to England from Sweden, stay in new environments and then all the rabbits competed with strangers in front of a noisey crowd.
Last evening my stocky, little 6 year old Holland Lop jumped 3 ft. on to a favorite cat sleeping spot to see his feline friend for a few minutes. The leap didn't even faze the bunny. (The cat was startled.) Anyway, I won't be starting him in training for rabbit hopping events, but I am sure he could do it. Rabbits of all sizes and shapes and breeds including any mixed breed could be trained to do this sport. They are all naturals at hopping - no fancy show pedigree required.
Here are two videos already on Youtube from the competition in the UK. There is no doubt that a rabbit has a mind of it's own when it comes to hopping on command. The video in this link is almost 10 minutes long and uncut. I liked it better than the one below because even the most comical and frustrating moments were shown like little Smudge who was not interested in jumping at all. The second video below is produced by one of the sponsors of the event.