Monday, December 20, 2010

Snow Bunnies

This morning I read an article from England highlighting the dangers of keeping rabbits outside in hutches during winter. Many people don't realize pet rabbits would normally avoid the cold by burrowing a warren underground and snuggling up to other rabbits. Hutches just don't allow for this if there isn't enough bedding and rabbits are kept separately. I am not a proponent of hutches, but if rabbits are kept outside, they need to be safe and warm in cold weather. Vets in the UK have been seeing cases of hypothermia in hutch rabbits this year and are recommending housing areas such as a garage, shed or some other type of sheltered area. When I lived in Minnesota it was much worse. I knew of rabbits with ears treated for frostbite. Some required part of their frostbitten ears removed. Yikes! With a whole lot of snow expected in the foothills and mountains of normally sunny California this week - it is time to bring the bunnies inside.