Friday, December 17, 2010

Rabbit Puts Out Holiday Lights

Near Denver a homeowner who decorates his house with lots of holiday lights thought he was up against a human prankster. But after catching the chewing bunny on video, he realized who was the real culprit. "It was a rabbit. It was kind of cute. He runs out, he looks both ways. The rabbit comes up, stands up, goes over to the lights, takes a bite and runs away." The video is posted here
I have to give the Mr. Miller credit for trying to find a humane way of deterring the bunnies including pepper, predator urine and other non-lethal methods. He could also check out my list at this link.
It could be holiday lighting manufacturers are following the lead of automobile manufacturers. Car companies have discovered that a soy based plastic is cheaper to produce than traditional plastic to coat wires. However, it also tastes good to rabbits, mice, rats and other creatures.