Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Soft Spot in Iraq

Here's some inspiration and compassion from a land that has been war weary for a long time. An animal welfare worker from the SPCA International discovered city police with pet rabbits and shared the good news. Terri Crisp was in Iraq writing a book called, "Operation Baghdad Pups" for several weeks this past summer. (By the way, her book will be about the bond between animals and combat warriors, and is slated to be published in 2011.) While there she discovered a dozen bunny rabbits in the front yard of a local police station in Erbil.
Crisp wrote on the SPCA website "Curiosity got the best of me, so one warm evening I walked to the produce stand and bought a bag of carrots. I strolled over to the police station with a local friend who could translate for me. My most pressing question was, ‘Are these pet rabbits or are they being raised for food?' I was quite relieved to learn, early in our conversation with three of the police officers, that all 12 rabbits were pets. They had been living there for three months and the entire police station had grown quite attached [to them]."
The officers have installed the fence to keep a stray cat from grabbing the bunnies. Terry went on to say, "I learned that each of the rabbits had a name and there were stories to relay about each one ... these men took great pride in the rabbits and I was thrilled to see this kind of compassion." Photo: SPCA photo of bunnies, Terry Crisp and one of the police officers in Iraq.