Wednesday, September 22, 2010

See Ya Later Alligator

CHBC News in Kelowna British Columbia reports that “rabbits and guinea pigs donated to a local reptile refuge have been saved from becoming reptile snack food.” The rabbits were starting to breed and owner Doug Illman “couldn’t bring himself to serve them up as dinner for Lucy, Alli and Lucky, the American alligators.” Good! He requested help and found it in volunteers from the Responsible Animal Care Society (TRACS). This is the same group who rescued and placed the Kelowna feral rabbits in sanctuaries a while back. They have also been very involved in the University of Victoria rabbit rescue. So it’s not any wonder they have already spayed the rabbits and fixed the male guinea pigs from CrocTalk. Only one large Flemish Giant rabbit was kept and given sanctuary at Croctalk. And, he won’t end up as dinner.
TRACS is having a BBQ and yard sale to help defray the costs of spaying and neutering of the rabbits and guinea pigs on Saturday, September 25th in Kelowna at CrocTalk. Sounds like the CrocTalk owner is becoming a rabbit fan. A big thump to the person who donated the rabbits to CrocTalk for reptile appetizers in the first place. Photo Credit: CHBC News, CDART
By the way, visit this link at Responsible Animal Care Society for a terrific pictorial of the Kelowna feral rabbits now at sanctuaries.