Thursday, September 9, 2010

Running Room for Rabbits

Many people in the UK keep their rabbits in traditional wood hutches outside. I'm not in favor of hutches and always recommend indoor housing for rabbits. One of the reasons I'm not in favor of hutches is their size. Most hutches are too small just like many indoor cages sold in retail pet stores. However, a couple in the UK came up with a new way for folks there to give their bunnies some running room. It's called a Runaround burrow den. I could see using this as a play area outside in nice weather. It would provide protection from big birds of prey like eagles and other small predators like cats. The website says it has been fox tested in the UK which is great. But in my neighborhood (and other places in the USA) it would need to stand up to nimble raccoons, coyotes and even the occasional mountain lion or bear. My rabbits wouldn't get to spend the night in it. Take a look for yourself and visit the website at the link above. There is no doubt the bunnies in the video enjoy it.

Runaround from Runaround on Vimeo.