Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Practical Litter Pan for Injured or Disabled Rabbits

My sister Bonnie has a 10 year old bunny, Mr. Basil, and even though he still has a lot of hop in his step he might like this litter pan from a company out of Italy called Marchioro. They only sell to retailers and this multi-purpose pan with one low side is suggested for everything, but a litter pan on their website. However, it takes bunny lovers like Scot and Amy Leith to see the true worth of this pan. Anyone with a older rabbit or an injured rabbit will appreciate how easy it would be for their rabbit who wants to use their litter box to get into this one. It is called the "Kiosk open front litter pan" and I like it. See it at Leith Petwerks. By the way, I have no advertising association with Leith Petwerks. This is a recommendation only.