Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet Veterinarian Joseph Martinez

An article from the Vancouver Sun puts a human face on a big rabbit rescue project. Pictured on the left is Joseph Martinez who is very busy neutering and spaying rabbits who are being removed from the University of Victoria. Hundreds of rabbits including the two adorable bunnies Martinez is holding are being prepared for their new home at the Wild Rose Rescue Ranch in Texas.
Martinez said he volunteered his time to spay and neuter as many rabbits as possible so they won't have to be killed.” He is performing surgery very efficiently so they can do about two rabbits an hour. “But I'll work 16 hours a day to save as many as I can. Bunnies are my major interest.”
Martinez is an Italian immigrant who has been in Canada for 20 years. He grew up on a farm and his family raised rabbits and other animals for food. However, he says he developed a passion for all creatures at a young age and by 10 decided it was wrong to eat animals. He then became a vegetarian and pursued a career in animal medicine in Israel and Italy.” It's good to see the media recognize one of many dedicated people who are making a difference for the rabbits in Victoria, BC. Photo credit: Steve Bosch , Vancouver Sun.