Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fly the Friendly Skies with a Rabbit

I knew a woman who used to take her bunny on business trips with her in the cabin of most airlines on a weekly basis. But a lot has changed in 10 years. It isn't that easy to fly Thumper or Fido or even Fluffy anymore. Petfinder has published their survey of the best airlines for transporting pets. The winner is JetBlue, according to the Petfinder survey. JetBlue provides amenities including 300 frequent-flier miles each way, a pet travel guide and a pet carrier bag tag. It is also the safest airline for pets on top of all that. For the budget-minded, the best airline is AirTran and for a price of $69 one way in the cabin small dogs, cats and birds can fly with their owners. However, best airline for jetting your rabbit, hamster, bird or guinea pig is Frontier Airlines. See the survey results at the Petfinder link above.