Friday, September 24, 2010

Doing Right by Dudley Doolittle

This is one cute little lop. Fortunately, he is recovering with the Bunny Bunny S.P.C.R. in Montclair, CA. Little Dudley came to them "covered in fleas and mites." Plus, he had a terrible case of fly strike and a malocclusion. Fly strike alone can be devastating and fatal. The shelter vet thought it might be best to euthanize him. Well, the folks at Bunny Bunch weren't having any of that. They say in four weeks the little lop is making a great recovery and Dudley cleans up nicely. The malocclusion may require surgery, but now he has a chance. Read more about Dudley at the link above.
By the way, the Bunny Bunch is hosting their Bunny Expo 2010 October 3rd and you can see their flyer at the link. Don't miss it if you live in the southern California area.