Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NYC House Rabbit Society Rabbit Conference Featuring Special Guest: Amy Sedaris

The New York City House Rabbit Society is holding their 16th Annual Rabbit Conference on Sunday, October 24th. The agenda includes several great subjects such as “Wabbit Weight Watching” and a live demonstration of rabbit bonding. You can see more information and all the details here if you are lucky enough to live nearby and can attend! What I am going to miss is their special guest, the multi-talented Amy Sedaris. She will do a reading from the rabbit-proofing chapter of her new book, “Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People!” Amy Sedaris has always been a favorite of mine not only because she is a very entertaining writer/comedienne, but also a serious bunny fan. She had a beautiful Netherland Dwarf rabbit for several years, Tattletail, and now has a Mini-Rex, Dusty who has been with her since March 2003. I read somewhere that Amy said, "I'll always have a rabbit the rest of my life."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CritterCookies by Zooh Corner

I would have loved to have been in the test kitchen when the people from Zooh Corner were developing their CritterCookies several years ago. A bit of hay, a dash of grains. Yummy. Rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs enjoy them, but a timothy hay-based treat just doesn't appeal to human taste buds. Granted, they do contain some fruits, veggies and grains, but still I haven't been tempted to try one. But what do I know, rabbits have a lot more taste buds than humans and they love these treats. They love all treats so don't overdo it when they beg. Find CritterCookies at the link above. They come in cute cookie shapes.

Year of the Rabbit 2011 in China & Thailand

I received an email yesterday from a woman in Phuket, Thailand and she wanted me to know the Year of the Rabbit is celebrated there as well as in China. She also informed me we are in for a "peaceful, calm year which is a welcome relief after the year of the Tiger with all of its fierceness." Not only that, but 2011 is a Metal Rabbit year. This means Rabbit people qualities are influenced by the Chinese Element Metal. (The 5 Chinese elements occur in a 5 Year cycle and overlays the 12 year cycle of the Thai Zodiac.) The normally shy Rabbit people will be more determined and ambitious. The Year of the Rabbit begins February 3rd in 2011 and ends January 22nd in 2012. I looked it up and I was not born in a Rabbit year. My twin sister and I were born in a Tiger year with all of its "fierceness." :)

Bundles of Bunny Joy

I stumbled across an album of baby bunnies on Flickr put together by a House Rabbit Society fosterer. The HRS MD, DC & Northern Virginia Chapter were contacted by the Animal Welfare League of Arlington with a pregnant doe that was about to give birth last January. A fosterer was located and she brought the adult female and her 8 kits to her home. She took photos of the bunnies as they grew up and the result is a nice photo album on Flickr. I neuter and spay every rabbit I get. A few have gone to the vet for altering before they even come home with me so I don't see the little ones much. But who wouldn't enjoy baby bunnies and their transformation from kits into beautiful adult rabbits. See it at the link above.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Doing Right by Dudley Doolittle

This is one cute little lop. Fortunately, he is recovering with the Bunny Bunny S.P.C.R. in Montclair, CA. Little Dudley came to them "covered in fleas and mites." Plus, he had a terrible case of fly strike and a malocclusion. Fly strike alone can be devastating and fatal. The shelter vet thought it might be best to euthanize him. Well, the folks at Bunny Bunch weren't having any of that. They say in four weeks the little lop is making a great recovery and Dudley cleans up nicely. The malocclusion may require surgery, but now he has a chance. Read more about Dudley at the link above.
By the way, the Bunny Bunch is hosting their Bunny Expo 2010 October 3rd and you can see their flyer at the link. Don't miss it if you live in the southern California area.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

House Rabbit Society Calendar for 2011

Time hops by fast and it is already time to get a 2011 calendar. The 2011 HRS Rabbit Center Calendar is now available at the link.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fly the Friendly Skies with a Rabbit

I knew a woman who used to take her bunny on business trips with her in the cabin of most airlines on a weekly basis. But a lot has changed in 10 years. It isn't that easy to fly Thumper or Fido or even Fluffy anymore. Petfinder has published their survey of the best airlines for transporting pets. The winner is JetBlue, according to the Petfinder survey. JetBlue provides amenities including 300 frequent-flier miles each way, a pet travel guide and a pet carrier bag tag. It is also the safest airline for pets on top of all that. For the budget-minded, the best airline is AirTran and for a price of $69 one way in the cabin small dogs, cats and birds can fly with their owners. However, best airline for jetting your rabbit, hamster, bird or guinea pig is Frontier Airlines. See the survey results at the Petfinder link above.

See Ya Later Alligator

CHBC News in Kelowna British Columbia reports that “rabbits and guinea pigs donated to a local reptile refuge have been saved from becoming reptile snack food.” The rabbits were starting to breed and owner Doug Illman “couldn’t bring himself to serve them up as dinner for Lucy, Alli and Lucky, the American alligators.” Good! He requested help and found it in volunteers from the Responsible Animal Care Society (TRACS). This is the same group who rescued and placed the Kelowna feral rabbits in sanctuaries a while back. They have also been very involved in the University of Victoria rabbit rescue. So it’s not any wonder they have already spayed the rabbits and fixed the male guinea pigs from CrocTalk. Only one large Flemish Giant rabbit was kept and given sanctuary at Croctalk. And, he won’t end up as dinner.
TRACS is having a BBQ and yard sale to help defray the costs of spaying and neutering of the rabbits and guinea pigs on Saturday, September 25th in Kelowna at CrocTalk. Sounds like the CrocTalk owner is becoming a rabbit fan. A big thump to the person who donated the rabbits to CrocTalk for reptile appetizers in the first place. Photo Credit: CHBC News, CDART
By the way, visit this link at Responsible Animal Care Society for a terrific pictorial of the Kelowna feral rabbits now at sanctuaries.

My House Rabbit Bloggers Interviewed on Pet Hooligans

My House Rabbit bloggers and webmasters were interviewed on Pet Hooligans recently. I have been reading this website and blog since it started a couple of years ago by rabbit lovers in Connecticut. It's interesting to see what other bloggers write about rabbits. When I started Hopperhome back in 1998 and then the blog in 2006 there weren't too many blogs on rabbits - now they are multiplying, well, like rabbits. However, some stand out and the My House Rabbit website and blog is one of the best. Plus, I enjoy the beautiful photos of rabbits, too, like the one on the left. Check them out at their link above.

Raging Haremones

Friends told me Paris Hilton twittered and posted a picture on the social networking site of her holding a baby rabbit saying, 'My Bunnies had Babies! So Cute!" She had just recently rescued 20 rabbits from a pet store after finding out they were set to become snake food. That's a good thing. However, it's time to take all the adult rabbits to the vet for neutering and spaying or she will be "Haress" Paris Hilton. See Neuter & Spay Your Rabbit at Hopperhome and free flyer to download "Raging Haremones."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A House for the House Rabbits in North Georgia

Members of the North Georgia House Rabbit Society found out this morning they will be able to continue caring for rabbits at the home currently serving as their rescue headquarters. A while back the Cobb County Commission had initially denied a land use permit, but have now voted unanimously to grant the non-profit group a temporary permit for one year. The North Georgis HRS hopped to it and made renovations to the home. Plus, they will expand the parking lot to prevent traffic problems. One volunteer will need to live in the home full time as part of the agreement. Nice place, surrounded by bunnies . . . who could ask for anything more! Pictured on the left are Levi and Lilly, just two of many beautiful rabbits available for adoption from the North Georgia HRS.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dog & Bunny Show Help Quake Victims

According to news outlets in New Zealand a German Shepard called Achilles and a bunny called Rabbit are cheering up residents who endured the earthquake that shook up a Kairaki Beach camping ground near Christchurch. The bunny and dog pose for photos, chase each other and otherwise help people who are quake victims think about something else other than the damage and difficulties ahead.
It seems Achilles and Rabbit play hard, too. "Don't worry, it looks bad, but Rabbit turns around and gives it to him too," campground owner Bronwyn Waters told NZPA. Moments later Rabbit is scampering along hot on his big buddy's tail. Photo Credit: NPZA

Paris Buys & Saves 20 Rabbits

Despite any other problems Paris Hilton may have in her life, she has saved 20 bunnies who were going to become meals for snakes. Several media outlets report she stepped in when she learned the fate of rabbits in a pet store she visited. (Which pet store is that?) One article reported she wrote on her Twitter page, , "Feeding My Bunnies a Late Night Snack . . . "The bunnies were meant to be feeders. I saw them at the pet store and they told me they were for snake food and I had to save them . . . I rescued 20 of them. They are now happy living in my backyard. They are all so happy, so nice to have changed their fate." I think this is great she rescued them. Unfortunately, there will be rabbits to replace them. The attitudes of some uninformed reptile pet store owners and reptile pet owners has to change before this is no longer practiced.
There are several articles on the web from reputable herpetologists who do not recommend feeding live animals to reptiles. An issue of Herp Gazette includes an article about why this practice isn't a good idea for the reptile and so does this article. We all know why it isn't good for the rabbits or rodents.

Vacuum Review Tackles Furry Rabbits

Mary Cvetan who is the Co-founder, Pittsburgh House Rabbit Club, will be writing for Pet focusing on domestic rabbits. Her first feature was a review of a the Panasonic Jetspin Cyclone Vacuum. The photos of her furry team of house rabbits won me over (left). I have my own furry herd at home who always seem to be shedding at different times. The vacuum cleaner gets a workout. By the way, for a hand vacuum size try the Corded Cyclonic Hand Vac with Retriever Turbo Brush (Black & Decker). This thing has rubber bristles that remove pet hair for quick clean ups in smaller spaces. Congratulations Mary for getting word out about rabbits now at Pet

Animal Testing Lab Surrendering Animals after Investigation

This was good news from an investigation by PETA one week after they released the results of their undercover investigation of a North Carolina–based contract animal testing facility, Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. (PLRS). A complaint was also filed with the USDA and now PLRS is surrendering almost 200 dogs and dozens of cats and closing the lab. I have posed the question about what will become of the rabbits. They were also victims of abuse. Peta noted on their website that this is "the first time that a laboratory has been forced to surrender animals and close under pressure on the heels of a PETA investigation and while facing a formal USDA investigation."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Practical Litter Pan for Injured or Disabled Rabbits

My sister Bonnie has a 10 year old bunny, Mr. Basil, and even though he still has a lot of hop in his step he might like this litter pan from a company out of Italy called Marchioro. They only sell to retailers and this multi-purpose pan with one low side is suggested for everything, but a litter pan on their website. However, it takes bunny lovers like Scot and Amy Leith to see the true worth of this pan. Anyone with a older rabbit or an injured rabbit will appreciate how easy it would be for their rabbit who wants to use their litter box to get into this one. It is called the "Kiosk open front litter pan" and I like it. See it at Leith Petwerks. By the way, I have no advertising association with Leith Petwerks. This is a recommendation only.

Meet Veterinarian Joseph Martinez

An article from the Vancouver Sun puts a human face on a big rabbit rescue project. Pictured on the left is Joseph Martinez who is very busy neutering and spaying rabbits who are being removed from the University of Victoria. Hundreds of rabbits including the two adorable bunnies Martinez is holding are being prepared for their new home at the Wild Rose Rescue Ranch in Texas.
Martinez said he volunteered his time to spay and neuter as many rabbits as possible so they won't have to be killed.” He is performing surgery very efficiently so they can do about two rabbits an hour. “But I'll work 16 hours a day to save as many as I can. Bunnies are my major interest.”
Martinez is an Italian immigrant who has been in Canada for 20 years. He grew up on a farm and his family raised rabbits and other animals for food. However, he says he developed a passion for all creatures at a young age and by 10 decided it was wrong to eat animals. He then became a vegetarian and pursued a career in animal medicine in Israel and Italy.” It's good to see the media recognize one of many dedicated people who are making a difference for the rabbits in Victoria, BC. Photo credit: Steve Bosch , Vancouver Sun.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jersey Wooly Rabbit Gets into Guiness Book

A Jersey Wooly rabbit at 14 years and 8 months has made it into The Guinness Book as the oldest living Jersey Wooly. (That's a long time for any breed of rabbit.) The rabbit who is named Do was first seen by Jenna Antol in a pet store. According to Antol, "The store owner said he wanted to get rid of the rabbit and gave him to me for free." At the time, the veterinarian estimated the rabbit to be about 5 to 6 months old and that he was a pure-bred Jersey Wooly. Jenna and the long-lived Do live in New Jersey. Now that's a Senior Rabbit! Jenna and Do pictured above. (Photo credit: Mary Frank,

Protest Against Professional Laboratory and Research Services (PLRS)

I'm not going to post photos or videos. They are extremely difficult to watch. The video taped evidence of extreme inhumane treatment of rabbits, cats and dogs at this North Carolina Product Testing lab (PLRS) certainly speaks for itself. Go to this blog to learn more about a September 16th protest and a petition.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rabbits Rule by Microsoft

An ad popped up this evening online: Rabbits Rule. Microsoft is promoting their 2010 Office software featuring "real stories" in short ads. The Rabbits Rule ad shows 3 young boys who wrote a poem about their rabbit Sniffs. I have a lop at home who looks just like the one starring in the commercial. Both are very cute. See video at link above. (I'm not promoting Microsoft 2010 products - I'm using 2007.) When one of the boys asked the bunny if he wanted to hear his poem, and his brother said rabbits "don't understand English." Not true - my bunnies know about 6 or 7 words including their names. Granted, most of the words have to do with food. (I snipped the photo of Sniffs from the ad)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hagar Cartoonist is Friend to Bunnies

Hagar the Horrible cartoonist, Chris Browne, is a friend to bunnies. Actually he says he is a "Friend to Bunnies and Chihuahua's" on his blog profile. He has even named his home in South Dakota "Bunny Hill" after the wild cottontails who share his yard space. In one article I read he said, "Rabbits are such pure, positive creatures; I just feel blessed to see one in the yard." Okay, he's hooked on hares for sure. Bunnies are also given a respectful amount of attention on his blog. He is working on a book featuring bunnies, too. A first peek of the sketches is shown below:

Victoria Rabbits Oot and Aboot at Rabbit Haven, Gig Harbor, WA

Some very lucky rabbits are now happily hopping around the Rabbit Haven shelter in Gig Harbor, WA. These rabbits were recent residents of the University of Victoria campus and slated for removal. There have been many, many dedicated volunteers who have been trying to save rabbits the University had planned to euthanize. According to the Seattle Times “about 100 rabbits” were already killed in May. According to the Tacoma News Tribune “as many as 1,000 rabbits will be moved through the Gig Harbor based rescue organization of Rabbit Haven on their way to the Wild Rose Rescue Ranch in Whitehouse, TX.” It’s about time, eh?

Running Room for Rabbits

Many people in the UK keep their rabbits in traditional wood hutches outside. I'm not in favor of hutches and always recommend indoor housing for rabbits. One of the reasons I'm not in favor of hutches is their size. Most hutches are too small just like many indoor cages sold in retail pet stores. However, a couple in the UK came up with a new way for folks there to give their bunnies some running room. It's called a Runaround burrow den. I could see using this as a play area outside in nice weather. It would provide protection from big birds of prey like eagles and other small predators like cats. The website says it has been fox tested in the UK which is great. But in my neighborhood (and other places in the USA) it would need to stand up to nimble raccoons, coyotes and even the occasional mountain lion or bear. My rabbits wouldn't get to spend the night in it. Take a look for yourself and visit the website at the link above. There is no doubt the bunnies in the video enjoy it.

Runaround from Runaround on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Puzzling Bunnies

Can't tell which way is up? These puzzling wood bunnies won't help, but you won't be wrong whichever way you put them together. Great for kids just trying to make heads or cottontails of the world. Just two pieces. They can be painted. I think they are kind of pretty in their modern way to hop up and adorn a shelf.

Soft Spot in Iraq

Here's some inspiration and compassion from a land that has been war weary for a long time. An animal welfare worker from the SPCA International discovered city police with pet rabbits and shared the good news. Terri Crisp was in Iraq writing a book called, "Operation Baghdad Pups" for several weeks this past summer. (By the way, her book will be about the bond between animals and combat warriors, and is slated to be published in 2011.) While there she discovered a dozen bunny rabbits in the front yard of a local police station in Erbil.
Crisp wrote on the SPCA website "Curiosity got the best of me, so one warm evening I walked to the produce stand and bought a bag of carrots. I strolled over to the police station with a local friend who could translate for me. My most pressing question was, ‘Are these pet rabbits or are they being raised for food?' I was quite relieved to learn, early in our conversation with three of the police officers, that all 12 rabbits were pets. They had been living there for three months and the entire police station had grown quite attached [to them]."
The officers have installed the fence to keep a stray cat from grabbing the bunnies. Terry went on to say, "I learned that each of the rabbits had a name and there were stories to relay about each one ... these men took great pride in the rabbits and I was thrilled to see this kind of compassion." Photo: SPCA photo of bunnies, Terry Crisp and one of the police officers in Iraq.

International Rabbit Day September 26th

This is the day which promotes the protection and care of rabbits both domestic and wild around the world. International Rabbit Day will be held on September 26th this year. (It is an annual event and occurs on the 4th Saturday or Sunday of September.)

House Rabbit Society's chapters will be holding many events to promote International Rabbit Day. You can check out this list at their website to see what is scheduled at their chapters in the USA and elsewhere. Take the time out to attend one!

On the Wild Side: Baby Bunny on Animal Tracks

MSNBC has a weekly slide show of animal photography called Animal Tracks. The photos come from around the world and in the last week of August they included this bunny photo by Nikki Hawkins courtesy of Wildlife Rescuers of Connecticut. The tiny cottontail was turned into the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center in Mystic, Connecticut. Unfortunately, it's mother had been killed by a dog, but this baby was okay. The bunny is in good hands now. See more of Nikki's rescued bunny photos on her flickr site.