Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zoning Issues for Rabbit Rescue in Georgia

The House Rabbit Society North Georgia Chapter is seeking a temporary land use permit to continue operating out of the house zoned residential instead of moving where it is zoned commercial. According to the article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution the rabbit rescue group is doing what they can to compromise on sales of rabbit food and supplies, holding meetings away from the house and having rescue visits by appointment only. Sounds like they are really doing what they can to be good neighbors. The article quoted a 17 year homeowner in the neighborhood who supports the group as saying, "The bottomline is if the [rescue] is removed and the property is unoccupied, with the state of the real estate market, it could remain that way for a long time. The letter of the law and the good of the community are not always the same." This makes sense because the house was a vacant foreclosure before the rabbit rescue group purchased the house and renovated it. They did a nice job, too!